Frequently Asked Questions

Since we live in a world where everything is INSTANT, I thought why keep you waiting for an answer when I could possibly answer it upfront.

I have fixed wedding packages which start from R8100. Portraiture shoots start from R2400. For conceptualizing and art direction I would have to quote depending on what is needed, but feel free to drop me an email with your requirements and we’ll take it from there.
Yes I do. 99.9% of the time I’ll have an assistant with me, not a second shooter.
Of course you can. I love sharing my knowledge of photography and talking shop. If you’re willing to carry bags and put in some elbow grease then drop me an email and we’ll chat.
Unfortunately not. I’m more of a creative shooter and prefer wedding and portraiture photography. If you have a look through my portfolio you will get an idea of what I’m into and prefer doing. 
I include all enhanced images in a DVD bundle so you can make as many prints as you would like.
Oh my word, how forward of you! I’m flattered. I’m also married :-) 
Yes. I would LOVE to actually. I am able to quote you for a shoot on any location on planet earth. Like Phuket maybe?
Well, the first thing you need to do is get into contact with me. You can either email or call me. We’ll discuss what it is you need and I’ll put it in writing, most times this will happen via email. A deposit will confirm the booking.
OH HELL NO! I will always be dressed professionally – most times in black so that I can blend in or according to what the occasion requires.
Yes. There are a few studio’s available in Cape Town and I normally book with the one closest to the client. Shoestring studios in the CBD or Black Dog Studio’s in Observatory are the most popular choices.
My turn around time for portraiture imagery is about 2-4 weeks. Wedding albums and images take between 4 to 10 weeks.
I charge per km travelled. If I need to fly, that will need to be covered by the client but I do not add a mark-up on the cost of the flight. Promise.
The client would have to cover the cost of accommodation. 
I’ve developed my packages to be more cost effective if taken as is. You have the option to swop out prints and albums but It will work out more.
I’ve spent the initial part of my photography career doing shoots for very little compensation, sometimes for nothing at all. I’ve surpassed the ‘starting out’ status I’ve labelled myself as for many years and needed to increase my prices to compete with a different market. If you REALLY REALLY love my work but REALLY cannot afford my prices, drop me an email and we can chat about payment options. I do have a heart. 
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