Styled Shoot – 3 models, 3 wedding dresses, 3 locations!

So “why a styled shoot” I hear you ask? Why go through all the effort of getting 3 wedding dresses and models for no “real” client? Well, mainly, because I was planning on doing a styled shoot for promotional purposes for quite a while but never had a real reason to do it. The launch of my new website seemed like the prefect reason. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.  I collaborated with Leandra Meyer for this project, she is the brains behind Meylea bridal. Her wedding dresses have graced the pages of countless magazines and the hips of even more brides. I thought what better way to introduce my new website and show off Leandra’s dresses than a creative Cape Town shoot, even though Cape Town didn’t play along with us at times. One of the locations flagged for this shoot was a small Muslim community from Indonesian assent in Cape Town city centre – and we got thrown out of it!  Apparently one needs a permit to shoot there if you are not a tourist. That didn’t spoil our day though, we soldiered on. We used 3 locations; a deserted train station, Cape Town CBD (not BoKaap) and Camps Bay forest. Tara, Zanele and Shani were our models and they ROCKED IT! Sunglass Hut came on-board and sponsored us with 10 amazing pairs of sunglasses. Craig from Craigs Car Care was generous enough to borrow us his orange and black Chev and also supplied some behind the scenes images, as you will see below. All in all we pulled off an epic shoot that was tons of fun. Thanks to Reagan and Zanel for doing an amazing job on the lighting as well as Carmen, Shaniqua Arts & Vintage Glam Professional Makeup Service for Hair & Make-up.

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by Earl Martin


Alex Blown away! Wow!

Allister Earl what can I say inspiring stuff bro…..and Zanele you look Amazing girl

Earl Thank you Alex :-)

Earl Thanks Allister :-)

Noni Moni Wow wow wow, Za my friend after Uyanda exposed you LOL….. I had to do my own investigation too. Beauty at it’s best, mncwaaaaa….

Mount Nelson wedding | Candice & Dustin | Cape Town wedding photographer

When I first sat down with Candice she told me that I was the 7th photographer she is seeing.  When I heard that I actually wanted to shoot her wedding even more! Waiting for her decision was like the finals of X Factor! I’m sure the other photographers would have taken equally awesome shots though– WHATEVER!! I win I win!! Just kidding. Discovering that Candice and Dustin were getting married at Mount Nelson made me extremely excited because It was on my ‘to shoot’ list for quite and while. I was really interested to see what I could come up with at this rocking establishment. If you haven’t been to Mount Nelson, it’s one of the most beautiful venues in Cape Town, with rooms as much as R30000 a night!! The day started out very overcast with rain almost a certainty. I tried to stay positive though and on route to the hotel the skies opened up and we had about an hour to play in the sun. Candice was positive throughout the day; she wasn’t going to let the rain get her down, and Dustin was all smiles, all day.  To Candice, thank you for having faith in me and for choosing me over 6 other worthy photographers. I am really humbled and thankful. I hope you enjoy this little preview.

*Nicole Henriques you are LEGEND wait for it DARY – LEGENDARY!! Thanks for assisting me on the day:-)

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by Earl Martin


Nicole Earl, these are fantastic as expected. About you being the 7th photographer that Candice met with … in the Bible the number 7 represents perfection. Enough said!

Earl Awwhh thanks Nicole!! You are to sweet!

Candice LOL true Nicole!,thanks EARL and Nicole u guys ROCK!

Candice WOW WOW WOW breathe taking …:-)

Earl I’m glad you like it Candice. You ROCKED the shoot!

Ilse Stunning photos Earl.. :)

Nicole Thanks Candice.

Earl Thanks Ilse!

Zulaiga Stunning pictures! Then again, didn’t expect any less from you. Where were you 9 years ago?!

Earl LOL – Thanks Zulaiga! You are close to your 10 year anniversary though, I’ll gate crash when you renew your vows 😉

Melanie Petersen Such stunning pics, thank you for capturing my work in an elegant way. Candice, you really made my job easy, thank you

Lynette Wow Mr Martin you done it again absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Simondium wedding | Nicole and Marvin | Cape Town Wedding

This Simondium wedding was loads of fun! Shooting this wedding made me think back to the day I got married, I was EXTREMELY nervous! I needed something to calm the nerves and I always found that chewing bubblegum had a way of calming me down.  So, if you were to watch my wedding video you would swear it was for a chappies commercial. At this wedding however,  the bride Nicole showed no sign of stress at all – without any bubblegum aid! It wasn’t an act either, she seemed pretty composed throughout the entire day. Simondium, located in the beautiful Paarl Valley in Cape Town, was the venue of choice for these two after the ceremony in the city center.  It’s a wedding photographers dream to have something as unusual and intriguing as a full sized train to play with, and Simondium has it! There were also  a couple of colouful peacocks that showed up every so often, aswell as a huge couch just randomly placed under a tree outside in the open. If you’re looking for a wedding venue with a difference I suggest you hop in your car and visit Simondium Country Lodge. Here are a few pics. PS: Loved the long veil!


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by Earl Martin


Nicole Apolles Oh Wow Earl. We are loving the pics and they are so in the moment. Can’t wait to see the rest. Great job. :)

Ilse Stunning photos… Nicole I love your dress and the beautiful veil :)

Candice WOW this is AMAZING! love the story line !!!!!!….not once do i regret having you as our photographer!,,,anyone who wants a photographer i say choose EARLY lol ….Great job.:-)

Earl Thanks Candice! **HUG**

Earl Thank you Ilse, you are too kind!

Fraaigelegen, Paarl | Stephanie & Gershwin | Cape Town wedding photographer

Cape Town is a big place and even though I’ve been doing wedding photography here for quite a while, there are still times where I need a GPS(which is probably why I should buy one). Getting lost on the way to a wedding is never a good thing. I had time to spare so I thought I’ll take the chance and figure it out on my own. After passing the same spot 3 times I realized that I had a little problem! If it wasn’t for Gershwin this would probably have been an very different post, filled with pictures of a long road with NO SIGNS!! So I eventually got to where I needed to be and then I was faced with another problem, the rain! Being a Cape Town wedding I was hoping that it wouldn’t storm because the overcast clouds were unashamedly making its presence known. It seemed like it was going to be a very wet wedding, but as soon as the couple said their  “I do’s” the sky cleared up and we were blessed with an AMAZING day! Fraaigelegen is located in the Paarl valley, Cape Town, and has a rainforest type feel to it. Stephanie and Gershwin were an amazing couple. Both  had some experience in modelling and it showed. Here’s just a few…

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by Earl Martin


Ilse LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos Earl… Especially the photo of Stephanie underneath the tree. Beautiful :)

Earl Thank you so much Ilse :-)

Hidden Valley, Stellenbosch | Christelle & Neil | Cape Town Wedding photographer

Hidden Valley is an amazing venue, but let me tell you a little story about what’s not on this blog. As a wedding photographer I get to meet all types of people coming together to form one family because of a couples decision to get married.  I sometimes feel like I need to literally fix the camera to my head so that I don’t miss all the moments happening around me.  There are however certain things that cannot be captured, no matter how hard you try. When Christelle and Neil got married I noticed that these 2 families already seemed like one big happy one. I could see family was really important to both of them and if their wedding day is anything to go by, I’d say they have a wonderful life full of  love and support to look forward to. Neil and Christelle, if you’re reading this; you have surrounded yourselves with an amazing group of people.  It was a honour to shoot your wedding.

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by Earl Martin


Charmaine Van Der Mescht Absoluut STUNNING!! Wat ‘n lekker en mooi troue was dit! Pragtige foto’s vir ‘n Pragtige paartjie! Weereens BAIE GELUK Mnr en Mev Scott!!

Mary-Ann Prinsloo Neil and Christelle julle was n ongelooflike stunning couple? Dit was vir my n GROOT voorreg gewees om julle wedding planner te kon wees en julle op n persoonlike vlak te leer ken? Ek bere julle diep in my hart? Die foto’s is pragtig, kan nie wag om alles te sien nie. Earl well done.

Mary-Ann Prinsloo
DreamCatchers Couture Wedding Planning

Christelle Scott Hey Earl! I know I’ve said this a couple of times but once again, Thank you soooooo much for everything. You are an awesome person and it was an absolute pleasure having you as our photographer. Neil and I will always treasure our special day and you have really created wonderful memories for us to look back on.

Thanks again,

P.S. We will always remember our 90%’s. 😉

Earl Hello Christelle! It was an honor to shoot your wedding!

Earl Dankie Mary-Ann!

Jimmy Nevis – Subliminal album shoot

Ever hear of a song called Elephant Shoes…or Heart Boxing? Well here is the man behind the music.  His songs have been warmly embraced and to date has all topped the charts at number 1.  Playlisted at all radio stations country wide with both songs having gone international, I have a feeling this is just the beginning of great things for Jimmy. This shoot was for the visuals of his debut album SUBLIMINAL. I’ve added some behind the scenes images as well as a few edits that was designed for the album as options. Show some love!
*Update: Jimmy Nevis released his third single called “In Love with you” and is currently in the process of producing his music video. I was onset for the shoot which took us from Fish Hoek to Worcester and covers quite a bit of towns inbetween. If you’ve seen his first music video then you’re gonna want to see this one. Nothing less than an international standard is expected and it should be hitting a tv screen near you real soon. Keep an eye on my blog for behind the scenes images…;-)

Photography: Earl Martin
Art Direction: Jimmy Nevis, Lauren Parks, Stacey Le Roux, Earl Martin
Above artwork by Stacey Le Roux

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by Earl Martin


Lynda WOW, Earl you are so talented

Ilse AWESOME PICS EARL. Proud sis.. :)

Nino Talent , Talent and more Talent, world get ready for Jimmy Nevis !!!

Ashaad Saw his video on Trace this am!!!!! I must say, TALENTED!!!!!

Ellaraine At my age, you should’nt get excited about a song, but I could not stop talking about it to my daughter. After hearing it on 94.7, she feels exectly like I do. You go, young man, THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER !

Natalie Amazing Mr Jimmy Nevis! Love your songs! Flying the flag for CT!
Mr Earl Martin – you’ve captured Jimmy fantastically! Feeling Proudly South African

Carmen Sprinkle WOW! Really stunning stuff……

buhle mbali I LOVE the pictures they amazing!!!!!! And I’m crazy about your music

Louise I am so proud of this awesome young talent man he sounds like a Justin Timberlake or Bieber. I get the thrills each time a hear his song on the radio. Havn’t seen the video and would love to!

BRENDON Yo, Earl! You have an awesome talent bud! Praise God for it! He’s taking you to higher places. Keep it up!

cindy Wow ur talented and gorgous..ur every girl’s dream guy!!


Imelda Came across these pics #byaccident …. awesome pics of an absolutely talented artist

Natasha Wow! Jimmy,such cool music,you sure gonna be around for a long time,keep it up…Mom and Dad should feel so proud…keep it up angel,my daughter Taamya and I have been huge fans from day one…Well done.

Cape Town Wedding photographer | Carman & Kurt | The black & white collection

Cape Town wedding venues are plentiful in the republic, but sometimes the venue does not have ideal locations for wedding photography. At this wedding I had to improvise and use something different because the wedding reception was at a hall that didn’t have much to work with. Cape Town itself has so many exquisite venues that can be used and choosing one can be a mission on its own. I explored all options and realized that we have quite a colourful city. Ever been to Bo Kaap? If ever there was a place that used colour to make a statement, that is it!  In a time where colour dictates trends, why would you opt to remove it? So there I was, wondering whether or not the couple would complain if I told them after the wedding that I shot their entire day in black and white. I’m sure they would NOT like the idea, but then after I told them that there’s no turning back, they’d have no choice but to accept it and ask to see the end result…then sue me. So let’s imagine I did it. Imagine I shot this entire wedding in black and white. The year is 1964, it’s an era filled with chandeliers, wall paper, mirrors with amazingly detailed frames. Carman and Kurt are getting married in Cape Town and they made the worst mistake in the world by choosing a crazy photographer who wanted to know what it would feel like if everything was void of colour.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Chocolat Cafe & Decor for your warm hospitality and for making this shoot possible.
Also thank you to Maggs Hoosain, for an excellent job with the lighting  – Legend…wait for it….dary – LEGENDARY!
Carman & Kurt – Don’t worry, I have all your photo’s in colour for you as well 😉

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by Earl Martin


Rehana These pics are amazing!! Love the whole feel of the black and white collection very vintage! Carman and Kurt you guys look stunning!! Great photography Earl.

Berenice Geyer WOW!!!!!! you guys look stunning!!Carman you made a beautiful bride i love the black and white…great job Earl

Tamlyn WOW!!! Carmen and Kurt you look stunning!! What a special day!
Congratulations on this blessed day!

Jade Bam Carmen and Kurt you guys look WOW…as beautiful as you’ll look on these pics and pray that your lives together will be just as BEAUTIFUL!!

Tania Losper Shoo… I’m speechless! The pics are spectacular!!!

Veronica Lestrade Carman you looked stunning on your day and your pics are beautiful…..really profesional..

Keisha Earl, LOL do I really need to comment? You know I love your work, but WOW!!! the black and white is just too gorgeous. To the bride and groom, may God bless you guys and yur marriage. Congratulations!!!!

Sharon Ensal Gorgeous pics!!!!

Zulaiga Stunning pics Earl, you’ve outdone yourself. I must admit I was confused when you said you only took black and white, because i was sure you could do both, lol.

Megan The pictures are stunning!

Meagan Adams These pics are spectacular. Kurt and Carman you guys really look stunning and I wish you all the best on your road ahead.

Tracy Figaji ClASSIC! Love the drama and contrast. SPECTACULAR!

Claudine Wildschutt I love the mother of the bride looked like the queen of England….Beautifull Carmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earl Thank you!!!

Zevenwacht wedding | Gillian & Bevan | Cape Town wedding photographer

I’m sitting here trying to think of words to string together to explain how awesome it was to shoot this wedding. Where do I even begin? First off, Bevan and Gillian were a total pleasure to work with. Their friends had me cracking up for their jokes that at times I struggled to take pictures. It really didn’t feel like hard work at all, everything just flowed and was loads of fun. If you’ve never been to Zevenwacht I suggest you grab a picnic basket and head there rights now – ok read this blog post first 😉 Yes, its a wedding venue but it also has a picnic area, guest houses and a restaurant. Zevenwacht is quite big and we were lucky to be able to get to quite a few spots available to us, given the time constraints of weddings. The on-site guest house was used by Gillian to prepare for her big day and the restaurant politely made the lounge area available to us when we needed to do some couple shots – just in-case you’re wondering where the images below were taken. Gillian seemed to be posing for the cover of Vogue, and she made it seem so effortless(I’m convinced she was practicing at home in the mirror). They were the perfect couple and they did a stunning job at pulling off an unforgettable wedding. This one is going down as one of the best!


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by Earl Martin


Zulaiga AWesomeness :) Really cool pics!

NikkiO Awesome work Earl. I absolutely love the pic with the couple where the stormy grey sky and those pretty red flowers are the background.

Gillian Booysen I simply love it all!!! Earl you have outdone yourself! You captured the real essence of our day….I’m over the moon!!can’t wait to see the complete disk#BeeeeeG HUG!!

Earl Thanks Gillian! I had a blast shooting your wedding!

Connie Spectacular, Earl.Thanks for capturing Gillian and Bevan in such a special way. Well done.

Ursula What amazingly unique shoots, you are indeed Blessed with a super talent, Earl. You’r

Keisha *speechless*

Forest 44, Stellenbosch | Tommy & Kirsty | Cape Town wedding photographer

Forrest 44 + King Tommy + Queen Kirsty = AWESOME WEDDING! Why King & Queen? We’ll, as Kirsty put it, because they were raised by royalty(paying great respect to their parents). I could see family and friends were very important in the lives of Tommy & Kirsty and with it being the celebration of their wedding day, it was also the celebration of the people who were closest to their hearts. One thing that Tommy made certain he did(which wedding couples hardly ever think of) was to set a timer so that every 40 minutes they would be reminded to take in the special day, to actually pause, look around and be grateful for all their blessings. Your wedding day goes by so fast, you do so much planning and coordinating that when the day actually draws closer you just want it to be over with. This wedding made me realize that we can so easily be distracted by life’s daily routines, but by reminding ourselves to take in the moments will make for a lifetime of good memories.

Special thanks to Chloe Thomas for assisting me on the day:-)

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by Earl Martin


chloe thomas WoW earl these are stunning :)


Simone This wedding is so pretty and looks like it was so much fun. Pretty colours :-)

Nicole LOVE the pink – Stunning images, really captures the emotion of the day. Good job Earl!!

Earle These pics are AMAZING…I’m glad I could share in this special day!!! Earl you did a fantastic job!!!

Keisha EARL!!! Outstanding, once again. The way you captured the emotion is brilliant. Captivating :-)

Candice Rittmann Absolutely stunning!

Cape Town Wedding photographer | Ruth-Candice & Gordon | Rusticana, Paarl

Scorching hot with a slight breeze, really? Slight breeze? I never felt a slight breeze Mr Weatherman. Who’s complaining though(me? Never!). The weather was perfect for a wedding! Ruth-Candice and Gordon had a very spontaneous wedding shoot. On route to the wedding reception they decided that they would love to have some photo’s taken at the car museum. Car museum? Really?!!? I loved the idea, it was different and it allowed me to be creative and get some shots not typical of a traditional wedding. I loved every minute of it. Special thanks to Jamie(you know why). Here are a few pics:-)


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by Earl Martin


Wayne Sylvester Nice post Earl

Faithful Kumbula Wow,what a true symbol of love in a wedding.Nice pics Ruth.

Nok2la Woooooow ds z amazing!! what a lovely day and moment in life!! May you have a blessed marriage ever and spend the rest of your life together. From Neville’s coleague

Roberta A Beautiful masterpiece.A great reminder of what love and joy looks like.Best wishes and enjoy a blessed,happy marriage.

Marshay Lotz Beautiful…

Marshay Lotz I have to say that the location, “rusted cars”, simply amazing how a place like that can look so beautiful in a photo shoot. Great work Earl :)

Keisha These are outstanding Earl. Yet again, a job well done!

Maggs wow, amazing pics dude. well done!

Sally Hey, i think you’re an amazing photographer. Your pictures always tell a story. great work.

Casacde Manor I think the Cape winelands is the ideal location for a wedding, a very beautiful setting

Check out the A3 coffee table book!!

Ever want to be on the front cover of a magazine(or book)? Well here’s your chance – with the A3 coffee table book series. Sleeved albums are sooo oldschool! You can now order a coffee table book with an option for leather hardcovers or fully laminated front and back covers, the choice is yours!  Click play 😉


by Earl Martin


Claire LOVE the coffee table book…… saw another photpgrapher making these and was hoping Earl the great would too….. awesome!

Earl ha ha, Don’t know about “Earl the great”. Thanks Claire :-)

Keisha This is STUNNING! Earl, you never cease to amaze me. A job well done. Keep it up!

Cape Town Wedding photographer | Charne & Neil | Durbanville

Okay turn your shoulders…a tiny bit more, yes that’s good. Now look off to your left, eyes towards me….small smile, LOVE IT! That’s stunning, okay take 2 steps back, yes – a tiny bit more, now put your left hand on your hip, ok push your one shoulder up, NICE. Look off to the side,  YES, that look….hold it……hold it, bigger smile! NICE! Good job, that’s great! “I would never be able to do this” Charne says. “What?” I ask. “Being told what to do”. “I’m being really nice about it though, am I not?” I say. Charne is a strong independent woman and I could fully understand why she wouldn’t be able to take directions like that all day, but even though I was posing her in all sorts of positions she was really a trooper. I can relate to the fact that 8 hours of smiling takes its toll on you, trust me, I know first hand, you DON’T want to see my wedding photo’s. Neil was as cool as could be. He actually just popped in from Harrysmith to get married and take his wife home. This is how he done it…


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by Earl Martin



Michelle Payle Oh my word Cuz, you looked so gorge!!! Good work Earl, as usual :)

Corne de Jager Charne & Neil – Congratulations ! Stunning wedding ! Charne I love the dress. I hope that you will be very happy in Harrismith. Corné

Earl Thank you Michelle :-)

Ninia Ellis The pictures are stunning! You both looked so beautiful! Hope you have a blessed marrige and you like it here in Harrismith.

Lucinda Sammantha really beautiful, well done Earl, you captured the magical moments. Charne’ and Neil, you look great. May these pics always remind you of the spark you shared on your Blessed day. @Michelle, i hope you using Earl for your wedding??

Danny Hiralal These pictures are beautifull, you guys make a wonderful couple, God Bless you !!!

Estelle van Coller Wow Neil – very special pics of a very special day. I hope you will have a beautiful life together.

Taznah Prins Thank you for making my cousin’s wedding such a memorable one! These photo’s are stunning!

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S u b s c r i b e