Cape Town Wedding |Meagan & Leo | Nantes Estate

After spending about 12 hours with Meagan and and Leo on their wedding day at Nantes, I can tell you without a doubt that I think they are a really awesome couple. When I first sat down with them last year to discuss their wedding I could already tell that they were wired differently. They had some really creative ideas, one of which was to make images of their wedding available as the day unfolded. Sort of like a play by play of proceedings that would be posted to social media. A few hand picked images were edited and posted during the day, documenting their story and broadcasted it to the world as it happened.  They chose Nantes as their wedding venue. It was the first time I shot there and I must tell you, If you’re looking for a hip, contemporary and modern wedding venue, you have to check this place out! Besides the venue and Meagan’s super calm demeanor , a few other things stood out for me at this wedding. Leo and Meagan have the most amazing friends. I could see the bond they had was strong, even though they were separated by cities. I could see that this was not just a celebration of their union, but also the company they shared. I have to say something about the master of ceremonies. I’ve been lucky to attend quite a few weddings in my lifetime. I’ve been privileged to witness amazing speeches from celebrities, prominent business people and sportsman, but Lee Mars has officially topped that list. I’m sure you’ll notice, by the pictures below, that the audience was captivated by his every word. He had their attention throughout the entire evening, with some of there mouths even hanging open for most of it, followed by bursts of laughter! Lee, my man! You rocked!  Leo and Meagan, you two are a match made in heaven. You are blessed with an amazing support structure, and who you surround yourself with speaks volumes of the type of people that you are. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography, It was an honour capturing your special day.


*Special thanks to my wing man for assistig me: Victoriano George

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by Earl Martin


Leo van Wyk Thank you SO much Earl!

We love it, all the pictures are amazing! We had some good laughs going through the pictures now. You really captured everything really well:)

My wife certainly picked an awesome photographer which I approved:) Lol

Leo and Meagan

Andre Congrats – and May you be blessed and only happiness and Abundance to both yourself and Leo …Love all the Pics !

Amazing ….

Ashley Motene Stunning photos, julle!!!!!

What a special beginning to a beautiful journey of marriage, love and family! We loved being part of your wedding day!!!

Well done to the photographer & team!

Caleb & Ashley Motene!

Earl It was an absolute pleasure Leo and Meagan :-) Can’t wait to put your album together! You’re gonna LOVE it!

Adheesh Gopi Lovely pics!

Prishita Madaree Congratulations Meagan and Leo. You both looked stunning on your special day.Beautiful pic.

Ella Wow amazing work! Can you please send me a price list or more info on packages? I am planning to get married in 2016. I do realise prices will go up or change. Thank you

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