Lee-Ann & Bernito’s pre wedding shoot – Bloemendal

Lee-Ann and I worked together briefly about 8 years ago and when our career paths split we lost all contact. I’ve always wondered what happened to Tito (I call her by her surname) and am not quite sure how we got back into contact again but I know it was through some form of social network, probably Facebook. We caught up abit and I learned that she’s come quite a long way since our days as interns. I can sometimes get very philosophical about small things, and I feel one of those moments coming on now. Sitting there reading this blog post I’m sure you, as most people, have concerns and problems of your own.  So many things happen that has the potential of breaking your spirit, or making you stronger. Either way, it’s extremely easy for life to change you as a person. Being on this journey yet still staying true to who you are is an accomplishment on its own. Eight years have passed and Tito hasn’t changed. She still has that childlike giggle, that witty personality and that 2 finger peace sign. What is different is that she has found her Prince Charming. Everyone wants to feel those butterfly’s for somebody, that smile when you hear their name and that feeling when you hear their voice. Seeing Bernito and Lee-Ann together made me realized that even though Lee-Ann hasn’t changed, love has enhanced her. It wasn’t difficult capturing the energy and joy between these two, it was obvious and abundant. Artistically, I’d like to think that these images captured the purity, spontaneity and sincerity of their love for each other.

by Earl Martin


Bernito Thanks Earl for making the shoot so much fun :)

Lee-Ann Tito Ahhhhh Earl, these are beautiful…thank you so much :-)
What a fun day this was, and you’ve managed to capture every magical moment we shared…awesomeness …thank you!!

Leslene Patel I love the concept and the pics are awesome. Lee-Ann, I’ve known Bernito for the last 5 years and he is a wonderful,well-bred young man. It is evident from the pics that the two of you adore each other. My wish to you is to love, cherish, and respect each other always and may your love for each other grow from strength to strength.

Cindy Erasmus It’s like a fairytale, I cant imagine anything more beautiful!!! I’ve never seen him glow like that. A good man shows by the friends he keeps. He’s one of my best friends and a loyal one for the 7 years I’ve known him.
Take care of each other, grow and love one another and cherish the memories….

Wesley They are absolutely stunning….. BerTito congrats and best of luck my friends!!!

shermone Wow guy’s this is stunning

Lenore Pic’s are stunning :)..You guys make a great couple!

Congrats to you both!

Claire Such a lovely setting. You two make a beautiful couple. Enjoy the wedding and especially the honeymoon! All the best.

Harlaine Great pics guys….

ROBYN PETERSEN AAAAWWW!!! Lee-Ann, if this is what it takes to get Bernie smiling as big as he is now, then keep on doing what you are doing girl! See you guys on Monday, I can’t wait! :-)

Gretchen Absolutely gorgeous… speechless, goosebumps. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

wayne Great pics guys !! Good Job!!

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