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When having a photo taken did the photographer ever tell you to just relax? How do you “just relax” with a big ass camera shoved in your face? Ok wait, maybe it’s not just a big camera. I shot my friend the other day with my cellphone and I still got the ‘deer in the headlights’ look when I told her to relax. Hold up, maybe it’s me! What was my point again? For years I have been practising the art of making people feel relaxed in front of the camera, and it’s a tricky job. It differs from person to person and often I need to adapt to the personality of whoever is in front of the camera. I have a few tricks I use, which works with most people but for this couple I just threw those tricks out the window. With some people you just have to realize that no matter what you do, that is who they are and you can’t change it. Kyle and Rochelle are naturally relaxed. They are naturally funny and naturally spontaneous. Keyword “natural”. I didn’t use any tricks or need a juggling clown next to me to get these reactions, they are all natural, spontaneous and real. Sorry I led you on earlier but hey, I’m a closet novel writer and the build-up is crucial. Anyway, I digress.  So many people start out as remarkable human beings and because of what life throws at them, they become altered. They become damaged goods, and live their lives at half their potential and in turn come across as disconnected. Kyle and Rochelle are the total opposite. Life has thrown them curve balls but they have come out on the other side unaltered and still extremely true to themselves. To be naturally free spirited and to be thoroughly in the moment, you have to be somewhat vulnerable and open. You will not meet more open, down to earth, natural, fun, friendly and sincere people than these two. Kyle and Rochelle, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are amazing human beings and have surrounded yourself with mind-bogglingly incredible friends (and I’m jealous).  You have amazing souls and don’t allow anything to change that. I’ve written your wedding novel. With images. Hope you like.

Thanks to Natalie Smith for assisting me on the day.





by Earl Martin

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Rochelle Sanger A heartfelt thank you Earl, for capturing our special day!
All of who experienced a joyous occasion like this…knows that the day goes rather quickly and in a blink of an eye…the day has passed!
It is pertinent to choose a photographer that captures moments whereby every moment is relived and after decades or so, you’ll reminisce by still getting a lump in your throat
Not only have we chosen you as our photographer, but as a dear friend to be guest at our Wedding!
We’re pleased to know that you, too enjoyed the day and not only snapping away at us. Your time, efforts and patience with us, was highly appreciated.
You were flexible when time & schedule did not go as planned.
You’re extremely talented, We simply love your work!!
Stay the amazing individual you are and the good friend you are to us….
Much gratitude:
The Sangers 😊

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