Garth & Celena’s wedding | Groenlvlei Wine Farm

I sometimes feel like in a past life I was a writer. I am extremely bad at grammar, but an artist needs a flaw to push him or her to the next level. See what I did there? I said him or her. That’s how you get everyone to feel included in the scenario. See, I’m even a considerate writer. I must have been really good. Ok, so fast forward to the present where I am still an artist, but instead of words I use pictures to tell a story. This is the story of Garth and Celena. Why do I constantly think of Jenifer Lopez when I hear the name Celena? I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for that, please let me know in the comments section if you know why. Sorry, I digress. When I met Garth and Celena I could tell that they are good people. Some people just give off a certain aura where you can feel their spirit. When I spent an entire day with them I could tell by the company they kept, that my hunch was right. So much love surrounds these two. It’s so easy to feel like part of the family when you are in their company. I felt extremely connected to the entire experience and I think it shows in the images. It does however get a bit tricky when you shoot at a venue more than once. This one was particularly tricky because one of my best wedding images ever taken was at this location. So what I decided to do was to go to this venue early the morning of the wedding and spent some  time looking for alternative shooting locations. I ran everything through in my head before I left there and tried not to duplicate any of my past images. You can decide for yourself if your see any similarities. Click here to see a previous shoot to compare. Garth and Celena, thanks for being so gracious and friendly. You really made me feel like I was part of your friendship circle. Forget about the 95% I asked you to give. Always give 100%.



by Earl Martin


Jarred Snell #wow
I dont even know what to say or where to start.
Your work, art and passion always blows me away. I seen alot of weddings you have done and it just keeps on getting better and better. As a photographer myself I look up to you and admire your work so much. You totally killed this wedding (in the good way, don’t worry) well done again on an amazing wedding shoot. #biggestfan

candice you really captured the essence of this gorgeous couple, they both glowing from ear to ear and you can see the love it #cloetewedding

Travis Nice work Mr Martin. Highly recommend Earl after shooting my wedding… Whatever Jarrod said, lol

Justin R I like your attention to details! The dancing shot is really good!

Albert Palmer Stunning work Earl – you have incredible attention to detail dude

heather nan Beautiful work… Great lighting. Well done all around!

Will Kim What a beautiful wedding! You did a great job in capturing all the wonderful moments!

Anton Chia Lovely wedding, lovely photography! Lovely!

Jacqueline Elizabeth The shots of the two of them in the orchard… sooo good!!! Beautiful wedding Earl.

Isabelle Well done!

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