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I recently showed someone an adorable picture of my 4 month old daughter, and I got absolutely no reaction. Hold on, maybe I should explain; I have the cutest little girl in the whole entire world. I’m sure all parents think that of their kids but this is different, she literally melts hearts! So I couldn’t understand why this person never said a single word after laying eyes on our planets most adorable kid? I know I’m not imagining things about the cute factor of my first born, other people have melted at the sight of Emily before so I know she doesn’t have a face only a mother could love.  After chatting to Lauren(my wife) about it, we came to the conclusion that some people are just less expressive than others. I like to know what goes on in other peoples minds, but I guess I can’t always get my way. I bumped into Candice at a surprise party a few weeks before I was supposed to shoot her and Euvdore’s wedding. We had never met before. I showed her a picture of Emily and she melted! I immediately knew that we would get along just fine, and what made it better was that she was an “expressor”. Expressors are people who tell me exactly how they feel (yes, I made that word up). She then went on to give me the biggest compliment about my photography that I have ever received. Now you may think that I get feedback about my photography all the time, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would care to admit. I sometimes forget that when I put pictures and words out there, people actually see it. As I type this, it’s just me and my computer, in a deafeningly silent house. I’m putting this out there and whoever reads it is not obligated to tell me what they think about it, but when they do, it feels like I’m not entirely crazy. Candice and Euvdore, I had a blast shooting your wedding. The kind words you gave me on that rooftop in Cape Town means a lot to me, more than you know. You have the most amazing family and some crazy friends, who all seem to adore the two of you. I am honoured that I could be your wedding photographer. Here are a few of my favourites of the day….

by Earl Martin


Bonita WOW!! If this is just a sneak peak, I can’t wait to see the rest. Earl your work is absolutely stunning and I love how you capture moments…BEAUTIFUL. Candy and Euv, so many cute pics…from him whispering in ur ear while you reading your speech to you giving him that side look, so adorable, to the two of you cutting your wedding cake. Beautiful pics, great photographer and models hehehe MWAH Thanks so much for sharing☺♥

Sharm Singh Awesome!! Cheslin photo is a classic

Candice Gain Absolutely stunning photos! Congratulations friends <3

Tifny Lategan Absolutely Stunning Euvdore and Candice!!!!! A job well done Earl :-) I cant wait to see the rest of it. xoxo

Candice Lategan Aaww Bonny :)

Thanks Bonny, Sharm, Candy and Tifny.

Earl, I LOVE all of the photos, been looking at them all day! Really can’t wait to see the rest.

THANK YOU once again :)

dale Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely stunning. The Pics tells a wonderfull romantic story, capturing every emotion, beauty and admosphere. Amazing!

Earl You’re more than welcome Candice :-) Enjoyed every minute of it!

Zalia Lategan stunning pics what a beautiful couple :)

Hayley Apollus What beautiful pics . An absolutely graceful wedding . Thank you Candice and Evd for making us apart of your special day . The pictures definately capture your perfect day !

Nicole Wow…….. Earl these pictures are amazing. You are very talented. Congrats Candice and Euvodore.

Candice Lategan Thanks so much Dale, Mommy, Hayley and Nicole :-)

Chantell Hi Earl
Your photos are absolutely amazing as always! Please will you mail me some of Candice and Euvdore’s wedding – it is sooo beauriful! and would love to publish it on our facebook page and also add on our website!
and some photos of previous weddings taken here at our Kleine Marie venue.

kind regards
Kleine Marie venue
0861 553 463

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