Kyle & Rochelle’s AMAZING wedding | Kronenberg

When having a photo taken did the photographer ever tell you to just relax? How do you “just relax” with a big ass camera shoved in your face? Ok wait, maybe it’s not just a big camera. I shot my friend the other day with my cellphone and I still got the ‘deer in the headlights’ look when I told her to relax. Hold up, maybe it’s me! What was my point again? For years I have been practising the art of making people feel relaxed in front of the camera, and it’s a tricky job. It differs from person to person and often I need to adapt to the personality of whoever is in front of the camera. I have a few tricks I use, which works with most people but for this couple I just threw those tricks out the window. With some people you just have to realize that no matter what you do, that is who they are and you can’t change it. Kyle and Rochelle are naturally relaxed. They are naturally funny and naturally spontaneous. Keyword “natural”. I didn’t use any tricks or need a juggling clown next to me to get these reactions, they are all natural, spontaneous and real. Sorry I led you on earlier but hey, I’m a closet novel writer and the build-up is crucial. Anyway, I digress.  So many people start out as remarkable human beings and because of what life throws at them, they become altered. They become damaged goods, and live their lives at half their potential and in turn come across as disconnected. Kyle and Rochelle are the total opposite. Life has thrown them curve balls but they have come out on the other side unaltered and still extremely true to themselves. To be naturally free spirited and to be thoroughly in the moment, you have to be somewhat vulnerable and open. You will not meet more open, down to earth, natural, fun, friendly and sincere people than these two. Kyle and Rochelle, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are amazing human beings and have surrounded yourself with mind-bogglingly incredible friends (and I’m jealous).  You have amazing souls and don’t allow anything to change that. I’ve written your wedding novel. With images. Hope you like.

Thanks to Natalie Smith for assisting me on the day.

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by Earl Martin

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Rochelle Sanger A heartfelt thank you Earl, for capturing our special day!
All of who experienced a joyous occasion like this…knows that the day goes rather quickly and in a blink of an eye…the day has passed!
It is pertinent to choose a photographer that captures moments whereby every moment is relived and after decades or so, you’ll reminisce by still getting a lump in your throat
Not only have we chosen you as our photographer, but as a dear friend to be guest at our Wedding!
We’re pleased to know that you, too enjoyed the day and not only snapping away at us. Your time, efforts and patience with us, was highly appreciated.
You were flexible when time & schedule did not go as planned.
You’re extremely talented, We simply love your work!!
Stay the amazing individual you are and the good friend you are to us….
Much gratitude:
The Sangers 😊

Cameron & April | Bloemendal

So you know how people try to associate your name with something to try to remember it better? Well, whenever I introduce myself as Earl, I normally get called “Earl Grey” or “Early Bird” or “My name is Earl”. Things were slightly different at Cameron and April’s wedding. The reference people made to my name was “Earl must die”. Don’t worry, I didn’t.  I was told the Dixie Chicks released a song that became really popular overseas, and if you’re from say, Canada, you would probably know the song. Oh, I forgot to mention, about 40 guests at Cameron and Aprils wedding made the trek to South Africa for this wedding all the way from Canada, and they brought their taste in music along with them. Fast forward to the end of the evening, I was called to the dance floor and they played “Earl must die” for me. I know reading this you may think that could be seen as an insult but Earl was a really bad man. He cheated on his wife, he had to die 😉 I should look up those lyrics. I never felt so special singing “Earl must die” along with 20 odd Canadians on a dance floor. I digress, let me take you back to how this all started. Cameron emailed me about a year back and I had no idea he was chatting from Canada.  Cameron is originally from Athlone and April from…. you guessed it, Canada!  April is the sweetest most genuine person you will ever meet. With 3 kids already under their belt, Cameron finally decided to tie the knot and fly his new found family to his home town. So there I was, the evening of the wedding, looking at all the different faces, and different cultures. It’s amazing how 1 man’s decision can bring so many diverse people together. This wedding was awesome. Cameron and April, you both have an amazing support structure. Even though you families are separated by countries, I could still feel the love in the room. I have no doubt that your Canadian South African babies will grow up knowing the best of both worlds.
*Special thanks to Amanda for being so helpful.

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by Earl Martin


April Oh Earl, we definitely don’t want ya to die….you are absolutely Amazing and we couldn’t be happier with this sneak peak!! Thanks so much for capturing our day oh so perfectly– I am very happy Cammy found such a talented, down to earth photographer who is so awesome at what he does:) we look forward to seeing the rest!!!!

Darren Gair Beautiful work Earl… some great memories to cherish. well done

Sachin Khona Great storytelling my friend!

Alyssa Love that shot of the bride and groom in the sunny field!

Elissa What a beautiful wedding! The shot with the sun peeking between the couple’s faces, and that last shot of them dancing, are both so good. Fantastic work :)

Garth & Celena’s wedding | Groenlvlei Wine Farm

I sometimes feel like in a past life I was a writer. I am extremely bad at grammar, but an artist needs a flaw to push him or her to the next level. See what I did there? I said him or her. That’s how you get everyone to feel included in the scenario. See, I’m even a considerate writer. I must have been really good. Ok, so fast forward to the present where I am still an artist, but instead of words I use pictures to tell a story. This is the story of Garth and Celena. Why do I constantly think of Jenifer Lopez when I hear the name Celena? I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for that, please let me know in the comments section if you know why. Sorry, I digress. When I met Garth and Celena I could tell that they are good people. Some people just give off a certain aura where you can feel their spirit. When I spent an entire day with them I could tell by the company they kept, that my hunch was right. So much love surrounds these two. It’s so easy to feel like part of the family when you are in their company. I felt extremely connected to the entire experience and I think it shows in the images. It does however get a bit tricky when you shoot at a venue more than once. This one was particularly tricky because one of my best wedding images ever taken was at this location. So what I decided to do was to go to this venue early the morning of the wedding and spent some  time looking for alternative shooting locations. I ran everything through in my head before I left there and tried not to duplicate any of my past images. You can decide for yourself if your see any similarities. Click here to see a previous shoot to compare. Garth and Celena, thanks for being so gracious and friendly. You really made me feel like I was part of your friendship circle. Forget about the 95% I asked you to give. Always give 100%.

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by Earl Martin


Jarred Snell #wow
I dont even know what to say or where to start.
Your work, art and passion always blows me away. I seen alot of weddings you have done and it just keeps on getting better and better. As a photographer myself I look up to you and admire your work so much. You totally killed this wedding (in the good way, don’t worry) well done again on an amazing wedding shoot. #biggestfan

candice you really captured the essence of this gorgeous couple, they both glowing from ear to ear and you can see the love it #cloetewedding

Travis Nice work Mr Martin. Highly recommend Earl after shooting my wedding… Whatever Jarrod said, lol

Justin R I like your attention to details! The dancing shot is really good!

Albert Palmer Stunning work Earl – you have incredible attention to detail dude

heather nan Beautiful work… Great lighting. Well done all around!

Will Kim What a beautiful wedding! You did a great job in capturing all the wonderful moments!

Anton Chia Lovely wedding, lovely photography! Lovely!

Jacqueline Elizabeth The shots of the two of them in the orchard… sooo good!!! Beautiful wedding Earl.

Isabelle Well done!

Natasha & Mitch | Blue Horizon

So a few weeks back someone hacked into this website and infected it with viruses. It was so bad that my website needed to be taken down because it was generating spam. Why would hackers want to infect a wedding photographers website? How anti marriage can you get? Luckily I knew some clever people who could get me back up and running again. I thought I wasn’t going be able to blog this funky couples wedding but you can’t keep a good man down. People of the interweb, I introduce to you, Natasha and Mitch! The most down to earth, gentle souls you will ever meet. Whenever I shoot weddings I always take note of the people a couple surrounds themselves with. You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, and in this case, I could see they were surrounded by a very loving and caring bunch who have much adoration for these two. The wedding was at Blue Horizon in Simon’s Town. It’s basically on top of a mountain, with an amazing view…..but that it where I will leave it and allow the pictures to tell the story. Natasha and Mitch, thanks for allowing me to capture your wedding. I am honoured! Here’s just a short preview, hope you like:-)

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by Earl Martin


Albert Palmer Lovely use of light Earl – top notch

Natasha & Mitch Earl,

We are so grateful and honored to have you be a part of our Special day :)!!! Your work is more than a piece of art, its a memory that will last forever in our hearts. We cannot describe the smile in our hearts.. Keep up the excellent work, and Many Thanks again..

Paul Fuller Wow don’t think you could top that location for a wedding, great job Earl!

Isabelle amazing location and stunning couple! Well done!

Christian What a gorgeous spot – great work…so much variety!

Anton Chia Beautiful beach wedding! Amazing images!

naomi Seriously awesome location!

heather nan Wonderful work! Such a lovely wedding!

caroline what a beautiful couple! the groom especially looks straight up out of a magazine. great set :)

Elissa What a wonderful set of images of a lovely wedding! I really love the first shot of the bride looking out the window. Fantastic :)

Yolande Marx Great job Earl! Beautiful bridal portraits and so many great moments with the kids. They are so cute!

Fotograf Gdansk You made me laugh describing what happened to you. I know it’s not funny. Anyway this shoot is amazing! 😉

Engagement Shoot with Greg & Chryz

The more I shoot, the more I realize that people photography is less about camera settings and angles, but more about naturality. Yes, that’s a word. Ever watch a movie that is visually beautiful but you just can’t get into it because it feels a bit rehearsed? Or ever speak to someone who says all the right things, but you just don’t believe them? Humans gravitate towards naturality. I’m coining that word. We prefer situations that feel natural to us. Now natural for some might not be natural for others, but in the world of pictures, everyone understands joy, fun, laughter and love. The expressions of those feelings can be faked if you are somewhat of a good actor, but for most people those reactions need to be generated from a real place to come across genuine. For quite some time now I have tried to focus less on camera settings, and more on developing my craft of getting natural reactions out of people, and I think I’m slowly getting there. With Greg and Chryz’s shoot I wanted natural reactions, not posed, fake smiles. Luckily for me they were an awesome couple and very easy to direct.  These smiles you see below are not posed, not fake….it’s natural, unpretentious and real. Just like them.

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by Earl Martin


Dennis Pike Gorgeous session. Looks like your clients were having a blast!

Heather Elizabeth Your colors are SO vibrant. The photographs of her blowing the hearts is so cute!

Teresa K So vivacious, beautiful, and fun!! What a great session!

Caryn Canatella What a cute couple and such fun portraits! Awesome!

Elissa This couple is gorgeous! I love the energy of this session!

Paul Fuller Some fantastic light here Earl, and great moments!

Taylor fun session!

Heather Kanillopoolos So much FUN!! I adore the lovely smiles!

Mercedes These guys…FUN. And it shows in the way you photographed them :)

Candice Lategan Really cool shoot, love the location!

Bo-Kaap Portraiture shoot with Landi | Cape Town

Landi Jac is the most awesome entrepreneur I’ve ever met! Not only was she the winner at Rock Your Business 2014, she also took top honours at Entrepeneur X-Factor 2013 and was nominated as one of the top 10 GLOBAL entrepreneurs for 2013. Just a slight over achiever dontcha think 😉 Landi needed a few professional images taken of her for some projects coming up, including a book she will be releasing soon. The brief was to make her look professional yet arty. We thought Bo-Kaap would work well for an artsy type feel. Getting to photograph this fun, bubbly, sweetheart of a person was so much fun! I did however notice that while walking through the streets of Bo-Kaap, we got quite a few on lookers. I guess they don’t get to see blondes all that often, but Landi wasn’t fazed, she just smiled and waved. Love her spirit! Here are a few fun moments!

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by Earl Martin


Yolande Marx Awesome photographs Earl! Her bubbly and happy personality shines through the photos!

Mercedes Beautiful model and that last frame is my favorite!

rahul khona The last frame is gorgeous.

Elissa Pretttty!! I like the shot by the brick wall.

Gavin Farrington It’s easy to see how much fun she is through your photographs. Great work.

Jonathan David Great work! I’m sure she’ll be super happy with these :)

Mike Earl, well done… you captured the essence of the soul

Cape Town Wedding |Meagan & Leo | Nantes Estate

After spending about 12 hours with Meagan and and Leo on their wedding day at Nantes, I can tell you without a doubt that I think they are a really awesome couple. When I first sat down with them last year to discuss their wedding I could already tell that they were wired differently. They had some really creative ideas, one of which was to make images of their wedding available as the day unfolded. Sort of like a play by play of proceedings that would be posted to social media. A few hand picked images were edited and posted during the day, documenting their story and broadcasted it to the world as it happened.  They chose Nantes as their wedding venue. It was the first time I shot there and I must tell you, If you’re looking for a hip, contemporary and modern wedding venue, you have to check this place out! Besides the venue and Meagan’s super calm demeanor , a few other things stood out for me at this wedding. Leo and Meagan have the most amazing friends. I could see the bond they had was strong, even though they were separated by cities. I could see that this was not just a celebration of their union, but also the company they shared. I have to say something about the master of ceremonies. I’ve been lucky to attend quite a few weddings in my lifetime. I’ve been privileged to witness amazing speeches from celebrities, prominent business people and sportsman, but Lee Mars has officially topped that list. I’m sure you’ll notice, by the pictures below, that the audience was captivated by his every word. He had their attention throughout the entire evening, with some of there mouths even hanging open for most of it, followed by bursts of laughter! Lee, my man! You rocked!  Leo and Meagan, you two are a match made in heaven. You are blessed with an amazing support structure, and who you surround yourself with speaks volumes of the type of people that you are. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography, It was an honour capturing your special day.


*Special thanks to my wing man for assistig me: Victoriano George

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by Earl Martin


Leo van Wyk Thank you SO much Earl!

We love it, all the pictures are amazing! We had some good laughs going through the pictures now. You really captured everything really well:)

My wife certainly picked an awesome photographer which I approved:) Lol

Leo and Meagan

Andre Congrats – and May you be blessed and only happiness and Abundance to both yourself and Leo …Love all the Pics !

Amazing ….

Ashley Motene Stunning photos, julle!!!!!

What a special beginning to a beautiful journey of marriage, love and family! We loved being part of your wedding day!!!

Well done to the photographer & team!

Caleb & Ashley Motene!

Earl It was an absolute pleasure Leo and Meagan :-) Can’t wait to put your album together! You’re gonna LOVE it!

Adheesh Gopi Lovely pics!

Prishita Madaree Congratulations Meagan and Leo. You both looked stunning on your special day.Beautiful pic.

Ella Wow amazing work! Can you please send me a price list or more info on packages? I am planning to get married in 2016. I do realise prices will go up or change. Thank you

Lezanne & Cheslyn | Stellenrust

I wish I could sing. It’s actually sad that I can’t, I think I would be an amazing entertainer. I guess I’m blessed with other things but I can’t help day dreaming about being this amazing vocalist who just blows people away with the sound of his deep soulful voice. I know it’s never going to happen so I live my dream through other people. If I could sing I would do exactly what Cheslyn did at his wedding. He serenaded his wife to be with an amazing rendition of a classic as she walked down the aisle, that frankly made me want to switch my camera to video mode. Luckily I got the shots. To Lezanne and Cheslyn, you two are profoundly sweet and I felt like family on the day. It was a pleasure shooting your wedding. Here are just a few moments.

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by Earl Martin


Cheslyn Dude! I’m at a loss for words. I literally have a lump in my throat and a little tear in the corner of my eye after looking at these shots. Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Thank you again sir.

Earl My pleasure! Can’t wait to show you the rest :-)

Keeghan being friends with groom and photographer i feel blessed, Chez you and your wife look amazeballs, Earl, as always, never disappoint.

Julian Petersen Amazing eye for photography! Awesome stuff Earl! Chez & Lezanne you guys look beautiful!!!

Lindsay Earl you are so talented! Chez and Lezanne everything about your wedding was stunning! it’s was such an honour to share the day with you!

Tumi These are stunningly beautifully gorgeous! Props to the photographer, or shall i say artist. To the Nero’s-may you continue to be blessed! looking forward to paging through the album in person one day!

Melanie Petersen Beautiful bride, talented photographer and an absolute pleasure doing her make-up. All the best Cheslyn and Lezanne

Candice & Euvdore’s wedding | Kleine Marie

I recently showed someone an adorable picture of my 4 month old daughter, and I got absolutely no reaction. Hold on, maybe I should explain; I have the cutest little girl in the whole entire world. I’m sure all parents think that of their kids but this is different, she literally melts hearts! So I couldn’t understand why this person never said a single word after laying eyes on our planets most adorable kid? I know I’m not imagining things about the cute factor of my first born, other people have melted at the sight of Emily before so I know she doesn’t have a face only a mother could love.  After chatting to Lauren(my wife) about it, we came to the conclusion that some people are just less expressive than others. I like to know what goes on in other peoples minds, but I guess I can’t always get my way. I bumped into Candice at a surprise party a few weeks before I was supposed to shoot her and Euvdore’s wedding. We had never met before. I showed her a picture of Emily and she melted! I immediately knew that we would get along just fine, and what made it better was that she was an “expressor”. Expressors are people who tell me exactly how they feel (yes, I made that word up). She then went on to give me the biggest compliment about my photography that I have ever received. Now you may think that I get feedback about my photography all the time, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would care to admit. I sometimes forget that when I put pictures and words out there, people actually see it. As I type this, it’s just me and my computer, in a deafeningly silent house. I’m putting this out there and whoever reads it is not obligated to tell me what they think about it, but when they do, it feels like I’m not entirely crazy. Candice and Euvdore, I had a blast shooting your wedding. The kind words you gave me on that rooftop in Cape Town means a lot to me, more than you know. You have the most amazing family and some crazy friends, who all seem to adore the two of you. I am honoured that I could be your wedding photographer. Here are a few of my favourites of the day….

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by Earl Martin


Bonita WOW!! If this is just a sneak peak, I can’t wait to see the rest. Earl your work is absolutely stunning and I love how you capture moments…BEAUTIFUL. Candy and Euv, so many cute pics…from him whispering in ur ear while you reading your speech to you giving him that side look, so adorable, to the two of you cutting your wedding cake. Beautiful pics, great photographer and models hehehe MWAH Thanks so much for sharing☺♥

Sharm Singh Awesome!! Cheslin photo is a classic

Candice Gain Absolutely stunning photos! Congratulations friends <3

Tifny Lategan Absolutely Stunning Euvdore and Candice!!!!! A job well done Earl :-) I cant wait to see the rest of it. xoxo

Candice Lategan Aaww Bonny :)

Thanks Bonny, Sharm, Candy and Tifny.

Earl, I LOVE all of the photos, been looking at them all day! Really can’t wait to see the rest.

THANK YOU once again :)

dale Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely stunning. The Pics tells a wonderfull romantic story, capturing every emotion, beauty and admosphere. Amazing!

Earl You’re more than welcome Candice :-) Enjoyed every minute of it!

Zalia Lategan stunning pics what a beautiful couple :)

Hayley Apollus What beautiful pics . An absolutely graceful wedding . Thank you Candice and Evd for making us apart of your special day . The pictures definately capture your perfect day !

Nicole Wow…….. Earl these pictures are amazing. You are very talented. Congrats Candice and Euvodore.

Candice Lategan Thanks so much Dale, Mommy, Hayley and Nicole :-)

Chantell Hi Earl
Your photos are absolutely amazing as always! Please will you mail me some of Candice and Euvdore’s wedding – it is sooo beauriful! and would love to publish it on our facebook page and also add on our website!
and some photos of previous weddings taken here at our Kleine Marie venue.

kind regards
Kleine Marie venue
0861 553 463

Cherilee and Rory’s wedding | Kronenburg Estate

Every time I shoot at a venue I’ve never shot at before I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful place. For people who has lived in Cape Town their entire lives, the beauty has become the norm. I’ve lived here for 32 years and only started noticing how beautiful this place is when I began my photography career 5 years back, sad really. I hope I’m making up for it by showing the world just how stunning it is over here, with my images. The venue: Kronenburg, The couple: AMAZING! Here are a few of my favourites. Rory, this is especially for you 😉

*Special thanks to Jaun Haas for assisting me on the day.

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by Earl Martin


rory Thanks Earl, i cannot wait to see the others….

Chadlyn Stunning Venue, Awesome Couple and Amazing Friends!!!
Thank You both for blessing Nathan and I with an invitation in sharing this beautiful day!
All these pictures has an amazing story behind it, at first glance. I pray that God strengthen your marriage! xoxo #pics.are.totally.and.utterly.BEAUTIFUL!

cheri-lee Awwww thanks my friend!blessed beyond measure to have you guys as friends. Can’t wait to see the rest* I have my favs. Thanks again Earl:-)

faizel Good work guy keep it up…..

Wafieka Nothing but Stunning, Beautiful, Amazing artwork :)#Talented indeed!

Alicia WOW WOW WOW! The photography is spectacular :)and Rory and Cheri-Lee you look picture perfect > cannot wait to see the rest!

Cherlene WOW! So beautiful. Stunning day with an amazing couple.

Christophe & Marianne – Booked from Belgium!

Christophe and Marianne are my favourite Belgians of all time! They have never been to Cape Town and planned their entire wedding from Belgium. They decided to get married in South Africa, accompanied by 6 family members and friends, then spend a month exploring our wonderful country. Being booked all the way from Belgium is extremely humbling. I feel honoured that I was chosen out of all the talented photographers in Cape Town. This shoot was quite unique because it’s not very often that you get pictures of the ocean as well as a wine farm  at one wedding . I started off at the most amazing house in Fish Hoek, it was so close to the ocean that I felt like I was on a cruise liner. I literally could not see any roads, just ocean! We then traveled more than 100km’s to a pretty little winefarm in Paarl called Backsberg, where the ceremony and reception took place. Just over the road was peach(I think) plantations that was just begging to be part of this Belgian/South African love story. LOVE THOSE PICS! Here are a few of my favourites!!

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by Earl Martin

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Megan & Travis | Groenvlei

Seven years ago Megan and I had a conversation about ‘finding the one’. I was dating Lauren, her friend, now my wife,  for 2 years and Megan asked me if she will ever find her true love like we did. She seemed very concerned in the ability of the universe to send her Mr Right. I pointed outside, and said that he is somewhere out there. I could relate to what Megan was feeling, I felt that before I met Lauren. It’s very difficult to understand that something you want so bad is somewhere out there oblivious of your existence.  Something that can change your life forever, and it has no clue you are even alive. It’s weird though, when you find that person, you can’t remember how you lived without them. Megan and Travis are very good friends of Lauren and I and shooting their wedding was our gift to them. I put my heart into this shoot, even more than usual.

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by Earl Martin


leanne de lillie AWESOME AWESOME!!! Mr Martin you are one talented man…its absolutely beautiful!

Gillian love love love… my fave is the silhouette thru her parasol

Lauren WOW!! Earl, these are breathtaking!

Tarynp Petersen Beautiful Earl!!!

Travis Love the pics!!!!can’t wait to see them all :-) Amazing work…

Kim Trout Absolutely gorgeous Earl!!! A job well done…

Earl Thanks Annie, Gillian, Lauren Kim and Taryn!!

Earl Thanks Travis, you’ll have them soon :-)

Megan Earl the pics are a dream come true! Thank you so so much! Stunning, I
definitely cannot wait to see them all :-)

marvin M& T you guys looked amazing

Earl….topper as top. Magnificent period

Laura Wow Megan and Travis you guys are a stunning couple! Well done Earl for capturing that!

F a c e b o o k
S u b s c r i b e